Tramadol Dosage

How much Tramadol should you take if your doctor has prescribed it for you? This article will contain a brief guide on dosing with Tramadol, the generic medication that is used to treat moderate to severe chronic pain.


First of all, you should know that what your doctor prescribed will vary, and depends on a few factors. Your age and any other medical conditions you have will be the largest parts of it, in addition to any other medications you're taking and how well you respond to Tramadol. Generally, a healthcare provider will start your treatment with a lower dosage, like a 25mg dose (half of a pill) once a day. After that, he may increase your dosage depending on how well you respond to the medication, and how much your pain has decreased. If a larger amount is needed, then your doctor will slowly increase your dosage, up to a maximum of 400mg per day (8 pills). Note that that amount is for very severe pain, and the majority of patients will not need to take that much. Of course, as with any medication, you should never adjust the dosage without specific instructions from your doctor to do so. If you adjust the dosage when you're not supposed to, there could be an adverse effect on your health. If you ever feel that you're becoming dependent on the drug, talk to your doctor immediately so that you can switch to another medication. Some patients may experience dependency issues.

Using Tramadol to Manage Your Pain

As stated above, most people will start off with a low dosage, like a half tablet (25mg) per day. If your doctor feels that you need more (most people do), he may increase the dosage by 25mg every three days, until you're taking 25mg four times a day (100mg). If a larger amount is still required, he may then increase the dosage by 50mg every three days, up to four doses of 50mg daily. The maximum dosage that should be prescribed is 400mg daily (50 to 100mg every four to six hours as needed), which is generally only used for severe pain.

If you need very fast pain relief, your healthcare provider may suggest that you start at the maximum dosage right away, instead of working your way up to it. While this does provide immediate relief in most cases, you are more likely to experience bothersome side effects than if you had started slowly.

General Tramadol Dosing Information

Below are a few suggestions and best practices when taking Tramadol.

  • Tramadol comes in tablet form, and is taken by mouth every four to six hours as needed.
  • This medication can be taken with or without food, but if it upsets your stomach, it is recommended to take it with a meal.
  • Never drink alcohol while taking Tramadol.
  • The medication must be taken as prescribed, and will not be effective if you adjust the dosage on your own. It could be harmful if you increase the dosage without specific instructions to do so.
  • You should always discuss any questions or concerns with your healthcare provider. Do not suddenly stop taking the medication without first talking to your doctor.